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In Memoriam
Joseph T. Houlihan, Sr., Esq.

Recent Cases
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Successfully defended a partition lawsuit brought by an alleged co-owner of one of Newport's " Gilded Age" mansions and obtained a trial verdict that the alleged co-owner had obtained his interest in the mansion by undue influence and fraud. The court stripped him of legal title to the property. The verdict resulted in the preservation of the firm's client's interest in property value today at $12 million.

Successfully defended a claim brought by an adopted beneficiary of the estate seeking a one half interest in personalty valued in excess of several million dollars by proving at trial that the family owned all of the estate items jointly before his adoption. When his adoptive mother died the entire estate inventory passed to the surviving joint owner, her son.

Successfully defended against claims brought by a foreign judgment creditor attempting to "reverse pierce" the debtor and hold numerous corporations, partnerships and trusts liable for a debt claiming that the debtor was their "alter ego".

Acted as Seller's legal counsel in the $10.5 million sale of Astor's Beechwood mansion.

Successfully negotiated a $2.5 million settlement following a claim asserted against the firm's German client that it owed $60 million as a result of an alleged fraud and misrepresentation regarding one of its products sold in the United States.

Successfully negotiated $1 million buyout of a client's shares and interest under an employment agreement after a German company unlawfully terminated and refused to purchase client stock under the terms of the employment agreement.

Successfully defended against a claim that a client had gifted to a stable owner a "Hanoverian" horse worth in excess of $100,000.00.

Successfully arbitrated numerous maritime salvage claims before the boat US arbitration panel.

Prosecuted and settled in 1983 civil rights action alleging unreasonable and unlawful use of force by police during the arrest of a minor.

Successfully defended a prominent military contractor against claims asserted by a competitor that it had solicited its trade secrets by recruiting former employees.

Successfully challenged the Rhode Island Department of Labor's claim that a corporation's president that was also an employee was not entitled to unemployment benefits when his company was acquired in a merger and acquisition and the new company fired him refusing to honor his employment agreement.

Won a $350,000.00 arbitration award for a client injured when a vehicle struck his motorcycle.

Negotiated a $900,000.00 settlement for pedestrian struck by a school bus.

Successfully prosecuted a multi-million dollar property damage claim against an Irish and French fiberglass manufacturing firm.

Successfully prosecuted several maritime arrest and seizure to enforce a First Preferred Ships Mortgage, maritime lien for services rendered by a captain of an America's Cup yacht and for services rendered b y a prominent yacht builder.

Successfully defended a multi-million dollar claim against a major drug store chain by a Chinese shipping company and New York trucking company after uncovering a fraudulent and corrupt factoring engagement resulting in a dismissal of a federal court civil action.


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